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30. Juni 2015

AutomicWolrd 2015, Neuss, Germany

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28. Juni 2015

Europoort and Maasvlakte

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123 IMG_3265_stitch IMG_3269

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1. Januar 2015

Red Star OS

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Nice examples and screenshots, including questionnaire.
Will Scott @W1c3

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NORSE global Cyber Attacks

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Norse Delivers Real-Time Visibility into Cyber Attacks in Progress All Over the World. Norse operates a global Tier 1 carrier-grade network of more than 8 million sensors, purpose-built for being attacked. Norse never repackages open-source intelligence. When their sensors are hit, they trace those threats back to the source, then deliver that information to you — with actionable context — all within 5 seconds. Go To Map:


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1. Mai 2014

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April 30, Automic Enters into Exclusive Discussions to Acquire ORSYP

Press Release English Language
Press Release German Language

Automic: http://automic.com
Orsyp: http://orsyp.com

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