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30. Juni 2015

AutomicWolrd 2015, Neuss, Germany

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28. Mai 2014

Automic Completes Acquisition of ORSYP

Category: Allgemein – Holger Schirnhofer – 22:39

Automic: http://automic.com
Orsyp: http://orsyp.com

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1. Mai 2014

Category: IT – Holger Schirnhofer – 01:07

April 30, Automic Enters into Exclusive Discussions to Acquire ORSYP

Press Release English Language
Press Release German Language

Automic: http://automic.com
Orsyp: http://orsyp.com

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13. März 2014

Istanbul March 9-12

Category: Fotobeschreibung – Holger Schirnhofer – 23:08

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31. Juli 2013

Vietnam – July 2013

Category: Allgemein,Fotobeschreibung – Holger Schirnhofer – 21:35

I’ve been to Hanoi, Vietnam from July 1st-19th for business mainly, but had a free weekend in Hanoi, and the great chance to join a 4 day company outing to Nha Trang in the south of Vietnam. On weekdays working with very nice coworkers that invite you to dinner, mostly rice with vegetables, chicken, duck, pork and beef, and seafood aswell. Also dog meat was present but I didn’t try. Nicest food – bird nest. Spit of glider swallows. At least as strange to me as eating some of the exotic seafoods. 3 very nice weeks and a lot of new everlasting memories..

Here a short clip of my hotspot photos, and below a link to a video&photo page. More details can be found on facebook or by contacting me directly.




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